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Avner Halperin, CEO, Early Sense

  • Harvard Business School, Chao 340 (map)

Early Sense has raised +$100mm to revolutionize patient monitoring through a contact-free health monitor for clinical and consumer markets.

Research Opportunities with Early Sense

Over the past 18 months, EarlySense has seen accelerated growth as it has started offering its sensing and analytics platform in a SAS like model to medical institutions. The company has tripled its installed base since the beginning of 2018, is now installing a new medical site every 3 days, and will monitor its 1,000,000th patient before the year ends.

Based on its recent success, EarlySense is looking to expand its offering in 2 possible ways as it builds itself to be IPO ready by the end of 2019:

  1. Partner with other (likely smaller) companies that provide synergistic offerings into its customer base, to allow the EarlySense sales force to have a wider offering and leverage the existing and growing customer network to generate more revenues per customer

  2. Offer clinical benchmarking and expert services in addition to the current products to its customers in order to generate additional revenues per customer (hospitals and post acute sites) and help customers achieve better clinical and economic outcomes

Early Sense be happy to have a team of students work on one or both of these challenges. Please contact: Hadar Ritte, EarlySense VP HR